Abus 6806k 75cm Catena Chain Lock


Abus 6806k 75cm Catena Chain Lock from Cyclestore

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Tradition meets innovative design: The Catena 6806 combines the principle of the successful predecessor Catena 685 with the forward-looking security technology from ABUS. Chain locks have always enjoyed great popularity among experienced cyclists. This is not surprising as they have some unique properties. Just like the Catena 6806. For one thing the lock is lightweight and easy to transport. It can be stored folded in a bag or alternatively wrapped around the seat post of the bike. On the other hand it is so flexible that it is possible to chain your bike to almost any location without any problems. The Catena 6806 can still fit in even in the tightest of spaces and can be used whenever the bike is used. 6 mm thick square chain with textile sleeve that prevents damage to paintworkThe chain is made of specially hardened steel ALARM FUNCTION: NoCOLOUR OF FACETS: BlackWEIGHT: 850gDESIGN COLOUR: BlackLOCKING TYPE: KeyLENGTH: 85cm

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