BBB LiftPost Dropper Post – 31.6mm


The BBB LiftPost Dropper Post – 31.6mm offers exceptional features and value. Easily adjust your saddle height with the BBB LiftPost Dropper Post, designed for seamless, variable saddle positioning

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Introducing the BBB LiftPost Dropper Post – 31.6mm, a standout product in the category of Cycling. Available for just £178.99, this product is designed to meet all your needs and more.

Product Features

Easily adjust your saddle height with the BBB LiftPost Dropper Post, designed for seamless, variable saddle positioning. This internal-routed dropper seatpost features a smooth 150mm step-less travel, supported by a robust air-oil cartridge, providing a dependable and consistent performance.Discover the key features of the BBB LiftPost Dropper Post:Step-less Travel: The 150mm of seamless travel allows for precise saddle height adjustments, enhancing riding comfort and performance by adapting to varying terrain conditions.Air-Oil Cartridge: This durable mechanism ensures a smooth and reliable saddle height adjustment, offering a solid feel and long-lasting operation, critical for both casual rides and competitive events.Remote Lever and Cable Set: Included for convenience, this setup facilitates easy adjustments from the handlebar, enabling you to focus more on your ride and less on manual adjustments.Seatpost Clamp Design: With a 0mm offset, this design aligns perfectly with the seatpost centre, ensuring balanced support and increased bike control.Easy Disassembly: Designed for straightforward maintenance, the dropper post can be easily taken apart for cleaning and cartridge replacements, prolonging the life of the component.Material and Compatibility: Constructed from 6061 T6 Aluminium, it is lightweight yet sturdy, compatible with carbon rails, and meets multiple certification standards, making it versatile for E-Bike, MTB, Road, and Touring use.Sizes and Weight: Available in diameters of 30.9 and 31.6mm and weighing either 642 or 664g, it offers options to suit various bike frames and rider preferences.The BBB LiftPost Dropper Post not only enhances your cycling experience by providing adjustable saddle height but also integrates seamlessly into your bike setup, ensuring durability and ease of use. It’s a smart addition to your cycling gear, enabling more efficient rides and better performance across different terrain. This dropper post stands as a practical choice, optimising your cycling setup and supporting you through numerous adventures.Specification:Seatpost Length:470mmOffset:0mmSeatpost Material:6061 T6 AluminiumCarbon Rails Compatible: YesClamp Mechanism: Dual BoltCertified For: E-Bike (EN 15194),MTB (EN 14766/ISO 4210),Road (EN 14781/ISO 4210),Touring (EN 14764/ISO 4210)Weight: 642, 664gSizes: 30.9, 31.6mmColour: Black

Why Choose This Product?

Here are a few reasons why this product is a must-have:

  • Lightweight design for easy handling.
  • Durable materials for long-lasting use.
  • Exceptional performance and reliability.


With its excellent features and affordable price, the BBB LiftPost Dropper Post – 31.6mm is a must-have. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this fantastic item.

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