Compressport R2v2 Calf Calf Guard Compression T4 only


Compressport R2v2 Calf Calf Guard Compression T4 only from Cyclestore


The compression calf sleeves R2V2 is without a doubt the most iconic recognisable product of our range. The sleek seamless lime grey compression calf sleeves R2V2 can be spotted everywhere from track sessions to race expos to finish lines and has been on the podium of all major races across the globe. Scientifically-designed to shake the sports world with ultra-controlled medical-standard technology it set a new standard in compressionwear which we take pride in improving year after year. Our updated R2V2 compression calf sleeves features an exclusive new 3D waved knit: an innovative 'waffel effect' technology which offers greater protection to the ankle and Achilles tendon. Improved vertical stretchability further increases comfort and fit. Worn before activities the sleeve encourages blood flow and prepares muscles and mind for effort. During training and racing the quick-drying fabric dampens vibrations to limit muscle damage reduce pain and delay fatigue while reducing lactic acid build-up. The special knee tab is purposely designed to reduce shocks and discomfort around the knee when you’re hurtling down rocky trails or beating along pavement. Whether you’re aiming for a 10k PB or a UTMB ticket the compression calf sleeves R2V2 is one of your most lethal weapons to take on the challenge. KEY BENEFITS Postponed fatigue and improved performance through reduced muscle vibration helping you maintain speed and intensity for longer during effort High-level muscle support to the calves decreasing the risk of injury and cramps through targeted 360-degree compression Optimal comfort thanks to increased vertical stretchability and improved fit : no irritation no chafing no slipping down or moving during your training session or race

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