Delta Bike Hitch Pro Fork Mounted Carriage System


Delta Bike Hitch Pro Fork Mounted Carriage System from Cyclestore

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Secure Transportation Easily create a quality DIY bike transport fork rack system for any style bike with delta’s collection of Bike Fork Mounts. Eliminate the headaches that come with traditional roof rack storage like colliding with low clearance bridges or garages and the high cost associated with finding the perfect roof rack for your car. Suitable for commuters hybrid bikes gravel bikes mountain bikes and eBikes delta’s line of high-end transportation solutions are compatible with 9mm diameter axles offering a solution for every rider. Use with Stable Loader or other devices to mount front forks. Quick and easy mounting Pre-aligned for easier fork installation Patented locking lever protects from theft Rigid 6061 T6 aluminium body Ultra rigid 9mm skewer Features Versatile The most versatile transportation and storage solution for your bike delta’s Bike Hitch Pro mounts to any flat surface including truck bed or van for easy transportation.   Secure Patented cam lever design allows you to lock your bike with any standard padlock providing added security while transporting or storing your bike.   Quick Assembly Mount to any flat surface with included hardware and easily create your own bike rack in your van truck garage or shed.   High-Quality Construction Constructed of high quality rigid heat-treated aluminum and anti-rust treatment with pre-aligned gasket positioning provide quick and easy fork alignment while 9mm quick release skewer provides easy in/out access.   Compatibility High load capacity enabling easy transport of all bicycles including heavy mountain bikes road bicycles hybrid and eBikes with 100mm bicycle fork dropout.   Quality Guaranteed With more than 400000 Bike Hitch units sold delta is the industry leader and brand name you can trust offering a limited lifetime warranty on your versatile bike rack system.

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