Kryptonite Alley F-650 Premium Usb To See Front Light


Kryptonite Alley F-650 Premium Usb To See Front Light from Cyclestore

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  THE NEW STREET LIGHT SERIESHighest Lumen and feature combination… AT THE RIGHT PRICE!Robust Safety FeaturesINCLUDING:DAYTIME PULSE MODE — Be seen with differing flash pattern.NIGHTTIME PULSE MODE — Be more visible at night with unique flash pattern.ECONOMICAL FLASH MODE — When battery is less than 10% eco mode kicks in and you’ll be able to get home safely.SIDE LIGHTING FOR MORE VISIBILITY!ADDITIONAL CONVENIENCE FEATURESINCLUDING: FLEXIBLE MOUNTING OPTIONS — Mount front lights vertically or horizontally AND on head tube. MEMORY MODE – Saves you time by storing your last mode. LOW BATTERY AND CHARGING INDICATORS.F650 RUN TIME hrs LUMENHigh Steady 2 650Medium Steady 4 325Low Steady 12 100Daylite Pulse 8 650Nitelite Pulse 10 100/300Economic Flash 26 100

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