Magicshine Monteer 3500 MTB Headlight


The Magicshine Monteer 3500 MTB Headlight offers exceptional features and value. Brighten your path with the Magicshine Monteer 3500 MTB Headlight

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Introducing the Magicshine Monteer 3500 MTB Headlight, a standout product in the category of Cycling. Available for just £151.99, this product is designed to meet all your needs and more.

Product Features

Brighten your path with the Magicshine Monteer 3500 MTB Headlight. This powerful light delivers up to 3500 lumens, ensuring the trail ahead is always clear. Perfect for mountain, Enduro riding, or trail biking, its optimised beam pattern and durable design make night riding safer and more enjoyable.Key Features and Benefits:3500 lumens max output with 5x Luminus SST-20 LEDs: Experience unmatched brightness, making night rides as clear as day. This feature allows riders to tackle any trail with confidence, enhancing safety and performance.350m max beam distance and 31000CD beam intensity: Illuminates far ahead, ensuring obstacles are visible from a distance. Riders can anticipate turns and obstacles early, reducing the risk of accidents.Hybrid beam with 1800 lumens flood and 1400 lumens spot light: Offers a balanced blend of wide and focused light, ideal for any terrain. This ensures a comprehensive view of both immediate surroundings and the path ahead.5,200mAh battery with Micro USB in/out for charging: Long-lasting power supply with the convenience of USB charging. The light can also serve as an emergency power bank, adding a layer of safety on long rides.Multiple brightness modes and low power trigger: Adapt to any riding condition with adjustable brightness and a safety feature that conserves power. This flexibility ensures optimal lighting and battery efficiency.Garmin base, lightweight handlebar mount: Easy to install and adjust, fitting handlebars 25.4mm and up. The secure mount keeps the light steady across all terrains, enhancing visibility and control.High-quality construction with IP65 weatherproof rating: Built to last with aviation-grade aluminium and an advanced cooling system. This durability ensures reliable performance in any weather, protecting your investment.Riders seeking to extend their adventures into the night will find the Magicshine Monteer 3500 MTB Headlight indispensable. Its robust brightness, combined with a meticulously designed beam and durable build, ensures that nothing will hold you back. Whether navigating technical trails or exploring new paths, this headlight stands as a beacon of reliability and safety.Ready to transform your night riding experience The Magicshine Monteer 3500 MTB Headlight is a click away. With its unmatched luminosity, durability, and versatility, it’s an essential tool for any serious cyclist. Elevate your ride, day or night, with this pinnacle of lighting technology.Specification:3500 lumens max of verified output, 5x Luminus SST-20 LEDs350m max beam distance, 31000CD beam intensityFlood light 1800 lumens max; Spot light 1400 lumens max5,200mAh battery, Micro USB in/out(5V/2A)100 50 25 10% and Flash mode, low power mode triggered at 5% battery capacity2.3 hour runtime on max brightness, hybrid beam mode, 75 hours on 10% half beam modeGarmin base, lightweight handlebar mount with strapsSupport for handlebars 25.4mm and upIn the box:1 x Monteer 3500S Light Head1 x MJ-6116 Battery Pack2 x Battery Straps1 x Garmin Handlebar Mount5 x Silicone Straps for Handlebars Ø25.4 to Ø35mm & Aero Bars1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable1 x Hex Key1 x User Manual

Why Choose This Product?

Here are a few reasons why this product is a must-have:

  • Lightweight design for easy handling.
  • Durable materials for long-lasting use.
  • Exceptional performance and reliability.


With its excellent features and affordable price, the Magicshine Monteer 3500 MTB Headlight is a must-have. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this fantastic item.

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