Muc-off All Weather Lube 120ml


Muc-off All Weather Lube 120ml from Cyclestore

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The Muc-Off All-Weather Chain Lube is a high-performance synthetic lubricant. The unique water repellent non-fling formula penetrates deep into the chain link to create a durable protective coating which guards against corrosion metal-to-metal wear. A unique blend of extreme pressure additives ensures the lube can stand up to even the toughest of rides. Muc-Off's formula provides lubrication for long-distance on and off-road riding in all conditions. Ideal for MTB Road Cyclocross and Commuting Suitable for use in all weather conditions Provides smooth and quiet gear shifting Derived from renewable sources Added protection against contaminants Reduces friction and improves efficiency Can be applied to chain cables shifters pedals and cleats Pipette system for easy application Provides lubrication for long-distance on and off road riding in all conditions

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