Ortlieb Water Sack 10 Litre Black


Ortlieb Water Sack 10 Litre Black from Cyclestore

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  More than just a water sack! An extremely handy and useful piece of kit to have in your collection.As a water sack this has all the features that you could look for; a wide opening to fill it up which is closed off with a reliable roll top closure which then doubles up as a handle. The valve has a metering control on it to regulate flow and is protected with a dust cap. It can also be connected to a shower valve drinking hose or water purification filters e.g. General Ecology SIGG MSR.A great alternative to aluminium or plastic bottles as it will roll up into a small package when not in use. Plus it has plenty of additional uses; use it as a pillow or cushion when it is filled with water or air a counter balance for paragliding or fill it with air and use it as a diving buoy.Volume: 10lWeight: 155g

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