Praxis Works Alba X Chainset – 175mm48/32T


The Praxis Works Alba X Chainset – 175mm48/32T offers exceptional features and value. Named after a brutal 4 mile, 1800ft climb called Alba Road in Santa Cruz, California, the Praxis Works Alba X c…

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Introducing the Praxis Works Alba X Chainset – 175mm48/32T, a standout product in the category of Cycling. Available for just £162.0, this product is designed to meet all your needs and more.

Product Features

Named after a brutal 4 mile, 1800ft climb called Alba Road in Santa Cruz, California, the Praxis Works Alba X crankset is designed to laugh in the face of such climbs, with an excellent range of gearing options & lightweight construction all without a heavy weight price.Lightweight solid forged arms are incredibly stiff for efficient power transferM30 spindle is compatible with BSA, BB86, 386EVO, BB30, PF30, T47, BBRight & OSBB bottom bracket shells BB’s sold separately10/11spd LevaTime II chainrings are cold forged for supreme shift quality & durabilityVersatile modular design can accept 2x or 1x DM chainringsLightweight at just 800g (170mm w/ 50/34T Chainrings)Where most cranksets can only be fitted with a small selection of chainrings, the Alba X is designed with versatility in mind. While equipped with 2x chainrings as standard, the direct mount design can easily be swapped out for a 1x chainring or another 2x combination in a different ratio. Praxis wants you to have control. Add in to this compatibility with pretty much any bottom bracket shell on the market when used with the appropriate bottom bracket, and you have an incredibly versatile crankset that is happy to grace lightweight carbon race bikes or tough steel gravel bikes. The crankarms themselves are solid forged, which gives them immense strength and stiffness, so you can be sure every watt of power your legs can muster isn’t wasn’t with flex. Despite this, the crankset is extremely light at just 800g. The M30 spindle also helps to keep weight low and stiffness high.Whereas most chainrings are stamped or machined pieces of aluminium, the Alba X’s chainrings are cold forged from 7075 T6 aluminium and then hard anodized. This unique method creates chainrings that are just as light, but are much, much harder wearing and provide slicker shifting for longer. Further improving the shifting performance is Praxis Works LevaTime II Shifting Technology. LevaTime II Shifting boasts a series of synchronised ramps and strategically placed shift pins to help deliver perfecting every time. Lightweight, stiff, smooth shifting and extremely versatile, the Praxis Works Alba X crankset is perfect for riders who want maximum performance without breaking the bank.

Why Choose This Product?

Here are a few reasons why this product is a must-have:

  • Lightweight design for easy handling.
  • Exceptional performance and reliability.


With its excellent features and affordable price, the Praxis Works Alba X Chainset – 175mm48/32T is a must-have. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this fantastic item.

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