Ribble Gravel AL e


Harness the power of the Ribble Gravel AL e, a state-of-the-art e-gravel bike from Ribble Cycles. Blending traditional gravel bike agility with advanced e-assistance, it’s the perfect partner for off-road escapades, ensuring you ride further, faster, and with more flair.

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Dive into the world of e-gravel biking with the Ribble Gravel AL e. Birthed from Ribble Cycles’ legacy of pioneering cycling solutions, this e-gravel marvel bridges the gap between traditional gravel bikes and the advantages of e-assistance, creating the ultimate off-road companion.

Uncompromising E-Bike Experience: Despite its electric capabilities, the Gravel AL e is true to the gravel biking experience. It combines the authenticity of non-powered gravel biking with the thrust of the MAHLE SmartBike Systems X35+ motor and Panasonic’s robust 250Wh battery.

The Heart of Exploration: With an unparalleled e-assist that feels as natural as a traditional ride, push boundaries, and discover the uncharted. The Gravel AL e not only looks like a regular gravel bike but gives the added boost when it’s needed, ensuring that no terrain remains unconquered.

Tailored for Adventure: Designed with a long and low geometry, this bike promises stability and control over tricky terrains. The 56mm semi-integrated headset, internal cable routing, and gravel-specific flared handlebars give the bike a sleek appearance while ensuring practicality and confidence on rugged trails.

Pack & Go: Whether you’re embarking on a weekend adventure or a day trip, the Gravel AL e is ready. Multiple frame mounts cater to a variety of bike packing requirements. From water bottles to oversized cages for dry bags and sleeping gear, this bike is prepared to carry it all.

Versatility in Tyre Choices: Embrace the freedom of choice. With vast clearance options like 650bx47mm or 700cx45mm, and a plethora of tread patterns available, the Gravel AL e ensures a perfect match for every gravel terrain type.

Enhanced Range Options: The Gravel AL e comes with the option to enhance its range by up to 70% with a range extender, promising longer, uninterrupted journeys of exploration.

Conclusion: The Ribble Gravel AL e is more than just a bike; it’s a declaration of freedom. Offering the best of both worlds, this e-gravel bike invites you to embark on electrifying adventures, assuring performance, endurance, and unmatched style. Ready to redefine your off-road experience? The Gravel AL e awaits.

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