Ribble Gravel Ti


Dive into adventurous terrains with the Ribble Gravel Ti, handcrafted from triple-butted titanium. Boasting both an elegant design and robust strength, this model tempts the spirit of exploration, promising an unmatched ride quality.

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The Ribble Gravel Ti is a perfect amalgamation of form and functionality, designed for the discerning cyclist. This bike isn’t just about reaching your destination but relishing every twist, turn, and challenging path you encounter.


  • Material & Craftsmanship:
    • Triple-Butted Titanium: Skillfully constructed using triple-butted titanium, the Gravel Ti blends lightweight agility with formidable strength.
    • Handcrafted Design: Every curve and contour is meticulously shaped, exuding sophistication and unmatched performance.
  • Design & Aesthetics:
    • Sleek Appearance: The Gravel Ti showcases graceful lines coupled with a timeless look, ensuring it turns heads wherever it goes.
    • Unrivaled Ride Comfort: The inherent properties of titanium offer a riding experience that remains unparalleled, ensuring every ride is smooth and enjoyable, irrespective of the terrain.
  • Versatility:
    • All-Terrain Confidence: Navigate rugged trails, muddy pathways, or gravel roads with absolute confidence, as the Gravel Ti stands ready to take on any challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Weight Differences: The Sport edition weighs 10.45kg, Enthusiast at 10.32kg, and the Pro edition at 9.9kg.
  2. Choosing Gravel Ti vs CGR Ti: Torn between the two models? Explore Ribble’s CGR vs Gravel blog to understand the nuanced differences between the versatile all-road CGR and the specialized off-road Gravel range.
  3. Frame Warranty: The frame carries a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects, while other components adhere to their respective standard manufacturer warranties.
  4. Cable Routing: All cables are internally routed, including provisions for an internally routed dropper post and compatibility with Shimano Di2 electronic systems.
  5. Tyre Width: The bike can accommodate up to 650bx47mm or 700cx45mm tyres.
  6. Pannier Rack and Attachments: The Gravel Ti is designed with discreet rear pannier rack fittings. Additionally, the front forks feature carryall mounts, enabling attachment of oversized cages for items like ground mats, sleeping bags, and more.

For those who desire a blend of craftsmanship, versatility, and adventure, the Ribble Gravel Ti is a call to the open road and beyond.

Embrace the journey and stay safe. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance.

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