Specialized Alpinist Seat Post 27.2mm x 360mm – Black


Specialized Alpinist Seat Post 27.2mm x 360mm – Black from Cyclestore

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Mass is the enemy of performance so we pulled out all the stops to make the Alpinist Seatpost the lightest post we’ve ever seen that passes our standards. At 136 grams 27.2mm x 300mm it’s about as light as you’ll find. Not only does light weight make for faster climbing it also improves acceleration and ride quality. The Alpinist 2-bolt micro-adjust clamp with extended saddle cradle ensures precision fit and secure retention. Available in two sizes 27.2mm x 300mm and 27.2mm x 360mm each with a 12mm setback. And because they are backed by a no-fault crash replacement policy and lifetime warranty you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back. Advanced composite construction delivers light weight and reliability. 2-bolt micro-adjust clamp with 46mm saddle rail cradle enables an effective offset from 0mm to 20mm. No-Fault crash replacement policy. Lifetime warranty Available in two sizes: 27.2mm x 300mm x 12mm offset 27.2mm x 360mm x 12mm offset 136 grams 27.2mm x 300mm System Weight Limit: 275lbs / 125kg

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