Great Options for Gravel Bikes to Suit All Budgets

I. Introduction

Within the diverse realm of cycling, gravel bikes have steadily risen as the ideal blend between road and mountain biking. Perfect for both tarmac and trails, they’re engineered to be robust, comfortable, and agile. The increasing allure of gravel biking arises from its inherent freedom – the promise of tackling varied terrains with a singular bicycle.

II. Budget-friendly options

For those dipping their toes into gravel biking or adhering to a stringent budget, there’s no shortage of dependable gravel bikes available under £1000. Brands such as Cannondale and Giant have garnered reputations for delivering commendable quality and performance without demanding a fortune. Typically, these bikes come with durable aluminium frames, fundamental suspension mechanisms, and trustworthy gear systems fit for varied landscapes.

III. Mid-range options

For those keen on investing between £1000 and £2000, you’ll encounter gravel bikes furnished with superior components and more sophisticated features. In this bracket, brands like Ribble, Kinesis and Specialized (who also have more expensive options) stand out, providing bikes with featherweight frames, often shifting to carbon or superior-grade aluminium. Disc brakes are more prevalent, paired with advanced gearing systems from renowned makers like Shimano and SRAM.

IV. High-end choices

For cycling enthusiasts with a penchant for luxury, gravel bikes that exceed £2000 promise unmatched performance and finesse. Premium brands like Ribble and Cannondale rule this segment, celebrated for their impeccable craftsmanship, pioneering materials, and technological advancements. At this level, anticipate the crème de la crème of suspension systems, electronic gear shifts, and avant-garde designs. At this high end, brands like Kona and Merida also have great options.

V. Best value for money

Striking the right balance between features and cost, a slew of gravel bikes stand out for their exemplary value for money. Gravel AL from Ribble and my personal favourite for a taller person, the Merida Silex 700, for example, are noteworthy for their feature-packed offerings relative to their price. These bikes adeptly incorporate characteristics usually found in top-tier models, making them firm favourites among novices and seasoned riders alike.

VI. Considerations for all budgets

Regardless of your budget, certain elements are pivotal when selecting a gravel bike:

  • Frame Material: While aluminium remains prevalent in budget-conscious choices, carbon fibre brings in a lighter albeit pricier alternative.
  • Tire Clearance: Depending on your riding aspirations, ensure your bike can handle broader tyres for challenging terrains.
  • Gearing Options: From gear sets to the gear count, ensure your selection is in sync with the terrains you’re keen to explore.
  • Suspension: Though not universally essential, some riders gravitate towards gravel bikes with suspension for that added touch of comfort on uneven trails.

VII. Conclusion

From affordable finds to premium masterpieces, the gravel bike universe caters to every rider and every budget. With gravel biking’s ever-climbing popularity, manufacturers remain at the forefront of innovation, spoiling cyclists with a breadth of choices. Embrace the thrilling world of gravel biking, traverse the spectrum of options, and pinpoint the quintessential companion that harmonises with both your tastes and budget.

Start your search for a gravel bike here – use the filters to browse your price range, and choose from the brands available to pick your next favourite gravel bike!

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